Computer Sessions for VIPs

Email – Facebook – Documents – Internet surfing – Spreadsheets

If you are visually impaired and want to find out how to make best use of your computer, or are thinking about buying a computer, YBPSS can help.

We can help you to explore the latest in assistive technologies (screen-readers, speech-to-text/dictation software, easy to use programmes) using the YBPSS computers or refer you to expert help. We work with Action for Blind People and other local service providers who have experience with:

  • Windows, Mac and tablet computers (adapting settings and using built-in accessibility features)
  • Screen-readers (Jaws, NVDA, Thunder, VoiceOver, etc.)
  • Dolphin software (Guide, SuperNova)
  • Magnifiers (ZoomText & free or built-in magnifiers)
  • Speech-to-text software (Dragon Naturally Speaking, Windows Voice Recognition, Siri)
  • Free and open source software


Computer training

Computer training